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Big Booty Britches & Accessories started out of necessity to support one dog. Darren and I adopted a Beautiful but abused and neglected Australian Bulldog... Our Princess Sophie. 

When we first adopted our beautiful girl, she was a bit of a mess. She fur was all matted, she had very few teeth, and while she was very affectionate, she was terrified of people and also of noises she had not heard before. We were told she had been de-sexed and had no reason to believe otherwise as she had the big scar on her tummy. Little did we know that not only had she not been desexed but she was also showing signs of going into heat (something we had never experienced nor knew the signs were).

We brought Princess Sophie home and introduced her to her new brother and 'toy boy' Chunky Monkey and from day one, they were thick as thieves. Monkey was still an un-desexed male being only 9 months old at the time and he was very much more aware of Sophie's current fertile status. Before we knew it, Sophie was in full heat swing and being an indoor dog, I needed a way to keep my furniture and carpet clean and so the very first nappy was designed. One photo on social media was all it took and our pants had become an overnight success. We had people asking where we got them, how to order them; we decided to turn this very useful 'idea' into a useable and reusable product that everyone could use. We also saw a gap in the market for custom sized nappy pants that were ecologically friendly and reusable also. 

Days turned into weeks Sophie started to put on weight.  This made us happy as she was quite under weight and malnourished when we found out that she was actually pregnant with eight - yes I said eight bulldog babies. While these babies were an absolute blessing to us, they were definitely unexpected. 

I continued sewing nappies and then became adventurous and started making coats and custom made beds also. After. while, I got hooked on sewing and also started to bring my family in on the company. We expanded to include all of our off the shelf products including life jackets, towels, anxiety beds and other popular items required by pet owners. Our products are designed to support dogs and cats of all sizes.

Our family is made up of four beautiful bulldogs; Chunky Monkey, Princess Sophie, Hazel and Tank.

My family started to join in and our puppy models grew from four to seven adding in my sisters Koolie x Labrador named Stella and my parents pug x silky terrier and fox terrier x dachshund named spud and cookie. With this many puppies in a family, we took the opportunity to make sure our patterns and sizing charts were able to cross pollinate across all breeds of dogs and cats alike. 
So from our family to yours, we hope we can help you find what you are looking for and bring just a little bit of luxury to your beloved fur baby's life just as much as we love to bring to ours. 
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